Fuels with reduced environment impact

We choose our suppliers carefully, prioritizing those who manufacture high quality fuels with minimum environment impact.

Our diesel complies with international standards for sulphur and cetane and is the lowest sulphur content diesel available in South Africa.

The exhaust emissions are less harmful to the environment and permit vehicles that have exhaust after treatment devices to function optimally.

Diesel & Petrol Tankers

Our tankers will timeously deliver your petrol and diesel anywhere throughout SA and beyond the borders xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

Oil Lubricants

Our lubricants have the following excellent properties - heat stability, antiwear, demulsibility, low toxicity and good water separation

Eco Friendly & Easy to use Packaging

All our products are packaged to be eco friendly, light and easy to use. Notice the tubular mouth to ease pouring of lubricant and avoid making a mess.

Crude Oil

Our network of middle east crude oil suppliers and our competent buying power permit us to negotiate, purchase and supply crude oil at excellent rates

Aviation Gas (avgas)

Our avgas contains excellent anti-knock properties, and minimizes spark-plug fouling. It has excellent take off power properties and lean mixture for cruise

Power Transformers Oil

The superior properties of our transformer oil far exceeds manufacturer's specifications increasing performance and lifetime

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